Cansumer Opinions

Cansumer Opinions is a parody series of 55 cans. Each can is a sardonic reflection of shared experiences within a white supremacist and capitalistic culture. Hence the title, “Cansumer Opinions.” The cans are calling for an audit of societal sins. Scroll down for a limited selection.

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Can #3

Are you a pro-lifer or pro-choice? We have got to know. Not all humans are welcomed in our community, you have to choose correctly!

Can #8

Lassez Faire? Or Lazy ain't fair, am I right? This green can has a bone to pick with those who claim an invisible hand guides market interests and trends. If we're being honest, you need to read the can's fine print, its all about “tax avoidance and dynasty fortunes.”

Can #22

This is a sister can to #7 (boot straps). Take a nap, contribute to mutual aid, you deserve to rest.

Can #12

Set the money aside, or don't. The can doesn't care what you choose to do with your expendable income. We just recommend keeping things honest.

Can #30

The debt-free flavor gives liveable wages a nice taste. But most times, folks don't get that lucky.

Can #34

This can is for all my tech honies out there. We love you and appreciate all that you do behind the scenes. Thanks for the alt text and all the things we can't C.

Can #38

If you are also a retired nonprofit employee, this can is for you. IOU nothing.

Can #28

This niche can is for social media lovers. May this trend never die.

Can #31

Cash 4 homes is a predatory business structure. That is all. 

Can #40

Stay hydrated out here. We talking too damn much.

Can #14


Can #26

We love cancel culture as much as the next can.